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2017 Medical Student Research Symposium Awardees from Neurosurgery

The 2017 Medical Student Research Symposium was held on Janaury 12-13 in the Margherio Family Conference Center and Scott Hall. This event is to allow medical students to display research projects that they have made a significant contribution to in their graduate or undergraduate studies. A synposis of this year's symposium can be found here.

Among the list of award recpients are two students involved in research with Department of Neurosurgery faculty members. Hassan Fadel, M2, took second place in the Basic Science Poster presentation category with Targeting IDO1, IDO2, TDO2 and AHR in primary patient-derived melanoma brain metastatic cells. Rasanjeet Singh, also an M2, was given an honorable mention in the Retrospective Clinical Studies Poster presentation category with his poster, Cost and impact of lumboperitoneal and ventriculoperitoneal sunts in hydrocephalus.

Hassan (left) worked on his project in the lab of Dr. Sandeep Mittal during the Summer of 2016, which was supported by a WSU Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship. Hassan’s research utilized cultured cells which were derived from patient tumor samples of melanoma brain metastases. For his experiments, Hassan treated the cells in culture with small molecule inhibitors targeting enzymes that are part of the kynurenine pathway of tryptophan metabolism (IDO1, IDO2, TDO2, and the downstream target AHR) and found dose-dependent inhibition of those enzymes decreased proliferation of the tumor cells in culture. These findings may one day pave the way to new treatment options for melanoma brain metastases.



Rasanjeet (right), according to his faculty mentor, Dr. Carolyn Harris, " is an outstanding medical student who works hard in the lab to see improved treatment for hydrocephalus. He is constantly exploring new ideas and applying what he has learned in his coursework to advancing neurosurgical care. His work highlighted here focuses on understanding the overall cost implications of various treatments for hydrocephalus."





The Department would like to congratulate both Hassan and Rasanjeet for their accomplishments, and to thank them for assisting our faculty members with their research.

Additionally, the follow faculty members from the Department of Neurosurgery volunteered as judges for the poster presentations, and should be recognized for their commitment to help the ongoing commitment to student research in the Department of Neurosurgery and the Wayne State University School of Medicine.